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Below our the 2009 Sponsors for the BSC Race Team. Thank You Sponsors for all of your support!

Big Sky Cyclery – 

Rocky Mountain – 

Bagel Company –

Bullman’s Pizza – 

Apex Engineering – 

Kleffner Ranch – 

Sponsoring your local bike team is a great way to market your business to new customers at races,  training events, and word of mouth while at the same time obtaining new and loyal customers who are currently on the team. Compared to the cost of other advertising, sponsorship of a local cycle team is very inexpensive. The benefits of sponsoring our team is:

  • The likelihood of product image enhancement resulting in increased sales, and the likelihood of a significant amount of positive media exposure.
  • Signage at sporting events, local or national media coverage
  • Promotional opportunities before and after the event
  • The opportunity to entertain clients and prospective customers by inviting them as VIPs to sponsored events.
  • Access to on-site hospitality tents or skyboxes
  • The opportunity to meet athletes or teams in person, and possibly even the opportunity for sponsors and their VIP guests to participate in a pro-am type events.
  • The ability to reach a specific demographic or target market. 
  • The team proudly wears its sponsor’s logo on team t-shirts as a visible sign of our partners’ commitment to the community.
  • Provide networking opportunities with corporate, community and public officials at race events


Bicycling alone  has achieved a renaissance and more people commute by bike and participate in cycling events in the United States than ever before.   Team BSC participates in out of state and statewide bike races /events and offers a unique opportunity to promote your business to hundreds if not thousands of potential customers through the medium of cycling.  Team BSC is literally a rolling billboard for your business. 

Below is a list of 2009 events that Team BSC riders have participated in.  In addition, the Team organizes two races right here in Helena.  

 1. Unravel the Scratchgravel (Helena)              7.       8 Hours of Labor (Butte/Homestake)

2. Queen City Triathlon (Helena)                          8.     Foys Lake Triathlon (Kalispell)

3. 24 Hours of Rapelje (Rapelje/Billings)          9.     Homestake Pass (Butte/Homestake)

4. Beartooth Burn (Red Lodge)                             10.   WERKS  Race (Helena)

5. Bohart Bash (Bozeman)                                       11.   York 38 Special (York/Helena)

6. Laramie Enduro (Laramie, WY)                       12.   Spring Meadow Triathlon (Helena)

Bicycling facts important to your business:

  1. Bicycling is the 2nd most popular sport in the world and continues to grow in the US.
  2. There are more cyclists in the US than skiers, golfers and tennis players combined.

(Source: National Sporting Goods Association)

  1. Total US bicyclists:  99 million   (Source:  Bicycle Market Research)
  2. Helena has one of the most comprehensive trail systems in the state attracting riders from the entire United States. Our cycling presence is very large and continues to increase.


Sponsorship Packages:

$250  Includes your name and logo on team ware (provided we have your commitment by Feb 31st), race team website, flyers, race package inserts and signage. 

$150 Includes your name and logo on race team website, flyers, race package inserts and signage.

$100 Includes your name and logo on flyers, race package inserts and signage.

Any amount as a general donation for the team is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


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