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Great Race today in the home hills of Helena. 20 people in Cat 2. Probably 10-15 in Cat 1. The race course was counter clockwise this year. I was happy about that because clockwise, I think the climbing is way harder. I also like the race start times this year. 1 PM. Perfect. Had time this morning to chill, eat b-fast and finish laundry.

The pace started out quick today. My goal was to get in the front and hang there as fast as possible. Beckner took off and he was out of sight but not out of mind. He looked extremely strong.  I managed to catch him on the first climb. Before I knew it, I looked back and Mark from GDC was on my wheel. He was strong and I knew he was the man to look out for today. If he caught me in my sprint, game would be over. On the first lap, I managed my position in 2nd place. Come the second lap, I began to suffer. Was pretty tired today. Mark fed on me and he passed me up. He was gone. I knew at this point the only thing I could do was hang on his wheel and hope he gets tired. Come third lap, I managed to maintain my lead. Mark was on my wheel most of it. I knew if I did not create a gap he would outsprint me. He has outsprinted me many times before in the Hell Ride. He is a hell of a sprinter. I knew the only way to create any kind of gap was on the hills. I pushed and was able to gap him and maintain it. At the end on the road, I turned around to see if he would be there. He was not and I was happy about that. I pushed the pace to the finish. My best time this year ont this course at 1:08. I was happy it was over and I am just plain out tired out. Now to Bozeman the weekend after next to ride the MSU MTB XC.  3rd place in points this year and BSC is on top for scores. 


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