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 I thought I would make a family vacation out of this race. So Josh, Jill and I spent three days in Big Sky. We rafted, fished, swam, hiked and tried the zipline. It was a blast. This morning I was pretty concerned today about the trail conditions. I hate riding in mud and after the Save A Life Race Chad, Ed and I did a couple of years ago, I swear I would never do that again.

Big Sky was pretty wet the day before. Jill and I hiked a section of it last night and even then it was drizzling. Woke up to about 40 degrees this morning. It was cold. Got up to Big Sky at 9:00 am just enough time to warm my blood. It was still wet from the night before but I decided to do it anyways and I am glad I did.

It was two laps total for sport three for expert. The climbs were big, the trail was sopping wet in some sections, and the single track down was really squirley. It was an interesting course because it felt like you were really out there. Basically you rode across ski runs in some sections and along down hill sections on others. The views were hands down hard to beat. It was probably the most technical course I have raced  in the last three years now I have raced. I found myself almost losing it a couple of times on the roots. It was sopping wet in some sections. The course was pretty rock and quite a few in the field were riding full suspension. I would have to say a full suspension would have been good on this course.

I pulled away from the group after the first big climb. By the second, lap I found myself way in the lead and then catching up and eventually passing with the back end of the expert riders. I felt considerably good and the cool air was nice. I thought I had the lead and would finally find my way to a first place finish. As I bombed down Congo, I could see the finish line in site. I was excited. But then I heard the race director call out second and looked over to find some dude sitting on the grass. Jill said he had a minute lead on me. I had no idea where he came from because I did not see him at the start line or even in front of me.  I was happy to place second though, considering the trail conditions and the fact I broke nothing on my bike or body.

After the race, we were treated to Tai food, beer from the local brewery, and great prizes. Jill won a cool shirt, I won a cool Northface camelback. Overall the venue was great and Big Sky was awesome. I would highly recommend the ride. Here is a link to a pic for a limited time- and Here is another sweet Pic-



  1. Great work Joe. You’re becoming one of those guys who is always on the podium. That means time to get a license and move up to cat 1!

  2. I agree. I think Team BSC may have a Cat 1 racer on its squad. Time to license up & get into Cat 1 racin’. We hackers & weekend warriors can’t be suckin’ on your fumes much longer! Nice work, Joseph.

  3. schweeeet! Good racing Joe.

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