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Written By Byron Deford –

So there I was! Clown to the left joker to the right & I was stuck smack in the middle! Yes another ride on the Hiway to Hell! A hale group of five fellows started the ride at a pace designed to let weary weekend legs ease into the pain that the night promised. As we crossed the tracks Robert moved his way to the front and built the pace, not enough for an attack but enough to make the rest of us respond and soften our legs a bit. The group stayed together until the hill, at which time I launched an attack for no apparent reason. Of course everyone covered it and I fell off the back. But oh what a wicked game the fates have in store for us! Up ahead there was a disturbance, I’m not sure who was the fool on the hill, but Joltin Joe Hamilton and Rockin Randall Green touched wheels and Randall was off on the side of the road. Robert & Joe stopped to check him out and all was well. Except for the fact that I had caught up! Joe took off up the road and I rode with Robert. My dilemma, do I sprint for fun or just sit on his wheel. Robert answered this question for me when he started shifting and picking the pace up. Heck, what would you be if you didn’t even try? I took a look at Roberts gearing and he was in his small chain ring. Heck I’ll take those odds. I went for it and held him off as he yelled encouragement at me the whole time. Yeah it was the best finish I’ve had on the hill, probably the cheapest I’ve ever taken and yeah I’ll take it! Results Joe, Byron, Robert, (interchange these if you see fit) Randall & Mark. Second verse, same as the first, well not really. The usual jockeying, eyeballing, and setting up for the finish was enjoyed as we rode to Silver Creek where lo and behold, Randall (I’ll hide back here) Green took off! He rode well but Joe wasn’t about to let him take the prize without an effort. Some strong work and Randall was back in the fold. Joe kept it rolling picking the pace up and riding me off of his back wheel, so it was left to Mark and Robert to do the dirty work. And gosh what a surprise they are good at dirty deeds! Mark first, Robert 2d, Jolting Joe 3rd. Third leg and the wind was at our back! Just a word of warning when the wind is with him and he can go fast, Mark will go fast! He loves the speed and he took off like a train that kept a rolling all night long! The rest of us jumped on with Joe and Robert keeping the pace high. I felt kind of bad sitting in but the rest of this motley crue were running 53x12s while I was running a 52×13. good night to work on my spin I guess. Nothing stuck until we reached the base of the hill. Hey wasn’t Randall with us? Hey isn’t that Randall attacking up the hill! Joe went first and I responded, we passed Randall and then I heard someone else coming. Damn that’s Robert! I guess those kicks just keep getting harder to find for him! Robert and I went to the top with Robert gradually pulling away and taking the win! Damn best night of my life for the hell ride, and just so close to a win. I look forward to more people showing up next week and giving me more wheels to suck on my attempts at temporary glory! See you next week Byron Byron DeFord 406-431-6295


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