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Bohart Bash Race Report –

Okay here it is – short and brief (I think)

Jill Josh and I arrived at 9 am with a 10:10 start time. I had time to warm up. It was good to see all the Helena crew there including BSC Melinda, Debra, Mark and Montana Velo, Frank, Geoff, Scott, Randy and Landon.

The race started out as a lemonds start. The field is perfect for this. A review of the field, looked to be around 30 people (all age groups combined) in the sport class. I have to admit, I was nervous. Who isn’t before the race? My last time in this race was 1:23 and I placed 8th. I set my watch at the start line- with the goal to beat my old time no matter what I placed.

I sat in the middle in the pack at the beginning of the first lap. Two GAS dudes took off. One was way off in the distance. In the first climb, I was able to catch up with the top 10. The second climb, I worked my way up to the the top 5 and then on the third climb I worked my way as the fourth guy was. I did not catch his name but he was incredibly and scary fast on the downies.

My goal was to keep pace with the third place guy, hoping to regain time on the second lap. If you have not done this course before, the first half is hilly and the second half is a pretty gnarly downhill (with some root sections).

At the end of the first lap, I felt my rear-end swing along with my tires hitting my chain stays. I looked back to see my wheel off the chainstays. Luckilly it did not completely come off. I got of the bike, flipped it over, let my turretts syndrome lose, and clasped the skewer back on. I was just waiting for the rest of the field to pass me by. I lost at least a minute to that. I was pissed. I just kept on going hoping to keep the little lead I had.  

In the second lap, I passed the third dude and came behind the second place dude – Guy MacKenzie, GAS. I paced him on the climbs on all the second lap. I still did not ever obtain even a glimpse of the first guy. He was way off, I heard one of the course officials yelled out he was about 1.5 minutes ahead. 

On the third lap, I started to suffer but was able to keep my composure. I put it into granny gear and spun the big climbs and passed Guy. I kept pace to the down hill and flied as fast as I could (almost wrecking into a bunch of trees). I actually totally went of the single track, into the trees, and managed to wind my way through them back on to the single track. It is really funny what you can do when you are completely exhausted. Somehow I was able to stay up on the bike and continue to the finish for a second place finish. I was happy at 1:16. I also found out that Melinda took third in her class and Debra took first. They were total animals out there waiting to come out of their cages.  They did great. BSC’s presence if alive and well this year.

Jill, Josh and I watched the experts compete. The gaps were huge in that race and it looked to be a real suffer fest. First two laps John Curry and Frank were battling it out. John came out in a vengeance to beat the course record. It was amazing to watch the guy. He kept the lead through all laps. His gap with the field was huge. He placed first defeating the Bohart record. He was completing 21 minute laps while my laps were 25 minutes. I was hauling as fast as I could to.

Josh placed second in the kids race. It was good to see him up there with a big smile, medal and a cookie. The best part was seeing his confidence grow. He was not sure he wanted to do this. I am hoping his interest continues to grow in the sport.

Afterwards ceremony included, prizes, beer, a raffle, live music and a delicious snack attire. I  also got to watch both Melinda and Debra at the snack bar gnaring on orange peels.  It was a great race and well put together. If you have not done Bohart go do it. It is a great environment for the whole family and lots of fun. They do it up there. They even had a prize for the guy that puked on the trail. 

What a great time.


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  1. Great job over there at the Bohart Bash. Looks like a good chunk of winning “hardware” was brought back to Helena. The BSC should put a trophy case up in the shop for team members to loan out for display all the bling we’re winning this season!

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