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The Hamer Family spent the night in our camper just yards from the East Gallatin Recreation Park (a pond about ½ the size of Spring Meadow Lake) at the north edge of Bozeman.  I awoke at 5:50am to a beautiful, calm, sunny morning.  Dog taken care of, banana down, pumped tires and set off for a preview of the first three miles of the ride course described as “flat and fast course paralleling the beautiful Bridger Mountains.”   Six mile warm-up, racked my bike, set-up transition, body marked, back to the trailer to change and prep, Wet suit and small talk in the transition area, in the water to swim a warm-up at 7:40.

Promptly at 8 the horn sounds for the first leg, two swim loops totaling 1.5K.  52 men and 29 women charge the lake and dive in.  Felt well, in control, good form except reverted back to breathing on one side only—not bilateral which is much easier in a pool at a leisurely pace.  Ninth man out of T1 I guess the T-Th master swim at the Y is paying off. . . . not bad given I probably spent over a minute trying to get my wet suit off.  Lesson learned: UNZIP THE ANKEL ZIPPER BEFORE PEELING OFF THE WETSUT OTHERWISE YOU MAY HAVE TROUBLE REMOVING THE SUIT AND STAIN YOU CALF AND PETELAR TENDON YOU HAD SURGERY ON LAST YEAR!

The 40K bike lived up to its expectation.  The pace was high and the effort felt easy although my HR was only 4-6 beats below lactate heart rate. . . Why?  I stayed very relaxed as I knew my weakest leg, the 10K run, was yet to come.  I passed a few and others past me, but all and all a conservative well respected 12th place male rank — 24.8 miles in 1:08:40 (21.7 MPH).

I rolled in to T2, bare feet on top of my cleated shoes, 50 meter run with bike to transition.  Helmet off, hat on , running shoes, grab race number belt out to a 10k of mixed trail single track in the shade, to golf course neighborhood in the sun.  Felt good for first three miles, but then lack of running fitness kicks in.  Russ Gates catches me at about 3.5 miles just after the nasty uphill.  We run down the road chatting, about how we both need to do more running, and other pleasantries, etc.  But even though we are not in the best running shape, we both agreed . . . what a great way to spend a Sunday Morning!  Heading back into the trail running Russ picks up the pace and I slow a bit.  When will I see the lake!  Finally, the lap around the lake takes forever, and I keep looking back for fellow triathletes, especially the ones from Helena! or with a 40 or older age on there calf.  Finally, I reach the finish line in 2:26.40, elated but exhausted.  My first good effort at triathlon in years 2

1st age group 45-49

12th /52 males

14th overall out of 81

I wore the BSC Team jersey proudly as I accepted the beer mug award and was happy to be a triathlete once again.


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