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DDR 2010 went fast for Team BSC.  Our riding crew on Saturday morning consisted of Chad Dexter, Dave Hamer, Joe Hamilton, myself (Jim Barnes) and guest team riders Bill Schneider and Dave Jacobson.  Dave J. and I go way back riding and skiing in Missoula during college.  He’s been a powerhouse for years.  Bill Schneider is a veteran Helena cyclist that has raced and toured all over the world.  Saturday dawned sunny and perfect for riding.

  We quickly pace lined it to Macdonald Pass where everyone rode the hill at their own pace with Joe and Chad hitting the top first.  After regrouping on top the gang flew down the other side and made it to lunch in record time.  I was hearing average speeds of 22 to 24 mph for that section.   We picked up a “passenger” on our train (quote from Bill S.) during this stint.  The rest stops were expertly manned by Helena Bike Club volunteers and refueling was a pleasure on this beautiful day.  As we left the lunch stop, our passenger was still in tow, but seemed to get dropped on a steep climb.

As we turned the corner at Highway 200 going towards Lincoln, I couldn’t believe how well we were working together.   Average speeds were still way up there.   Joe, Dave H. and Bill were planning to do DDR in a day, which is climbing the continental divide twice and returning to Helena over Fletcher Pass.  Chad had plans of climbing Fletcher Pass with them and then returning to Lincoln.  The headwind we fought going towards Lincoln was noticeable, but strong pulls by everyone in the group kept the pace going.   We pulled into the Lincoln school around 1:00PM which is early considering our 8:15 start.  I had been thinking of continuing to Fletcher Pass with the group.  With the group and great weather, Saturday had been my easiest ride to Lincoln in all the times I’ve done DDR, so why not push it a little further? 

We shoved off for the top of one more pass.  Dave J. decided he would stay in Lincoln and rest for Sunday.  Chad was the workhorse taking long pulls into the steady headwind.  The afternoon traffic was a little annoying.  We rode by Julie McKenna and she gladly joined the pace line to get out of the wind herself.  After the turn towards Fletcher pass the pace line broke up so Chad and Joe could get their exercise and push it hard up the approach and steep final climb to the top.  Bill S., Dave H. and I worked our way up in due time.  Chad and I bid farewell to Dave, Bill and Joe. They were heading to Helena and we backtracked to Lincoln.  Chad and I loved the tailwind back to Lincoln and reportedly the other 3 got a tailwind into Helena.

After dinner, camping and breakfast at the Lincoln high school we got ready for day two.  Dave Jacobson took off a little ahead of Chad and I.  I appreciate Chad’s patience as I got my tent packed slowly that morning.   We met up with Dave at the top of Fletcher Pass and headed out with the sun shining again and Lonnie (Larson?) joined on the fast decent and help us pace line it to Canyon Creek.  After the rest stop at Kelly Settle’s ranch, Dave and I alternately tried to help pull into the headwind and hang onto Chad’s wheel.  Chad clearly had the jump left in his legs, but Dave and I were tiring, especially me after the 115 miles the day prior.  As we got back to Helena and the Broadwater Athletic Club, Chad had one more trick up his sleeve.  Chad did McDonald Pass one more time to make his ride the Quadruple Divide Ride.  Some one else called it the “Quadruple Bypass Ride”.  Chad’s was a feat I’ve never heard of in my 24 years of cycling around Helena.  Dave and I were glad to call it quits at the Broadwater at 11:00 AM and were the first to make it back to Helena.  The picnic lunch hit the spot.

Congratulations to everyone!  It was great to ride with such great representatives of our BSC Team and Big Sky Cyclery.


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  1. Chad has to ride that stuff especially for tackling the 100 miler in Butte. WOW!

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