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This past weekend, Chad and I traveled to Utah where I rode in the Little Red Riding Hood Ride (LRRHR), .  This is a women’s only road ride (one of only two in the nation “just for the ladies”) which tours through the beautiful Cache Valley in northern Utah.   After falling asleep to the rain pelting our tent in Preston, Idaho, (home of Napolean Dynamite) the night before the ride, we woke up to a cloudy but warm day.  It was perfect biking weather, in the60s and cloudy with a slight breeze.  This year’s ride theme was “Super Red.”  With the music from Wonder Women blastin’ over loud speakers, and many dressed up in superhero costumes, the 3,000 of us set out en mass on an 18, 30, 58, 80 or 100 mile journey.  I had originally signed up to do the 58 miler, feeling like I hadn’t gotten sufficient training time in due to the lousy weather.  However, when I got to the start on Saturday morning, I was pumped up enough (thanks, Lynda Carter!) to take on the 80 miles instead.  I wasn’t disappointed in my decision.   I rode the majority of the route solo, but did spend some time working (and visiting along the way) with other riders.   The ride, put on by the Bonneville Bicycle Club, serves as a fund raiser for breast cancer research.  The event is very well supported, and the volunteers (typically husbands of us riders) do an unbelievable job along the way.  With so much food available along the way, it’s perhaps the only long-distance ride out there where you could weigh more at the end than when you started.  As a ride volunteer, Chad was assigned the duty of making PB&J sandwiches…for 4 straight hours!  He’s now claiming carpel tunnel (big baby!).  Other than this claimed injury, the ride was pretty uneventful…that is until the last ten miles.  While working with another rider, pulling & drafting, a local farm dog decided he’d seen enough riders for one day & decided to take off after us.  I was pulling in front at that point, so the sprint was on!  Pulling away from our canine intruder, up ahead we suddenly noticed a farmer rumblin’ down the road in a massive tractor combine.  With little room left on the road, my ridin’ partner recommended that we better seriously consider the option of bailing into the ditch here shortly.  Just in the nick of time, the driver saw us & allowed a narrow corridor for us to slip through.  From there, it was smooth sailing into the finish in around four hours time.  Once at the end, for their efforts, riders are awarded a Superhero crown & strawberry lemonade.  Hard to top that! 

Little Red Riding Hood Ride: Chris's Report


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