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Team Members Present: Chad, Joe, Melinda, Rebecca, Jim, Dave, Mark

1) Unravel the Scratch Gravel is on May 16th. Three laps instead of two for sport class. Chad is in the process of obtaining the BLM permit.

2) Nothing heard about T-shirts. Joe mentioned that sponsors would have there names on the T-shirt in the letter to sponsors. Team will confirm with Jeff if he has heard anything about the T-shirts.

3) Sponsors will be listed on flyers

4) Sponsorship assignments were discussed and made. Each member will send the letter and provide a follow-up call to there assigned sponsor. Results to be discussed at next meeting. The updated list and letters can be found in the Yahoo groups file or you can e-mail Joe at and he can mail it to you.

5) No new news for the Queen City Tri. Team discussed possible dates, time and location logistics of the tri.

6) Members please send your membership dues to BSC or stop by and pay them.

7) We have renewed our USAT license and are approved.

8) The team discussed whether refunds should be provided to people who said they were going to a race but did not show up. No formal decisions made.

9) Rocky Mtn. Bicycles is going to sponsor us and will provde us a discount for team members only. Talk to Jim for details.


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